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With the recent development of weight-efficient engines, composite oil pans have become increasingly popular.
However, the factory composite plug has proven to be a temporary solution.

Femco, the original oil drain valve manufacturer, now proudly offers customers a permanent solution: The aluminum plug for the paccar composite oil pan.

With its OEM fit, its aviation-grade aluminum construction, and EVAC compatibility, this drain plug will increase efficiency and save costs on re-ordering temporary composite plugs.

Necessary Maintenance

The C.O.P plug is the perfect solution to the issue of having broken and worn out composite

drain plugs. It is a perfect remedy for having to re-order plugs that are only temporary. This plug

is made of aviation-grade aluminum and has a click on and off system that will work excellent with our nozzles from our click series. This powerful combination (together with an EVAC unit) will dramatically reduce maintenance downtime and save costs.

Femco drain technology always ensures that oil changes are efficient and environmentally

friendly. By mitigating excess oil from spilling, service maintenance technicians will work in a

safer and healthier environment. In addition to durability and weight-saving, the aviation-grade aluminum construction allows maintenance teams to drain oil at extreme temperatures. Femco is pleased that it is able to remain a key player in the market and looks forward to helping customers raise efficiency and mitigate maintenance downtime.


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Femco has developed the best oil drain plug for Ford F150 & Mustang owners.

The yellow plastic drain plug found in Ford trucks (2015-2021) is notorious for being a temporary solution. The OEM yellow oil plug often breaks or doesnt fit back into the oil pan after it is removed. Oil changes are neccassary to protect your engine and should happen regularly. You should not have to purchase new yellow oil drain plugs for every oil change. That is why Femco has developed a permanent solution.

Ford oil plug

Necessary Maintenance

ford plug yellow oem plug

The Ford F-Series is the number 1 selling vehicle in North America. Since 2015, many new production F-Series models have come with a composite oil pan and yellow plastic drain plugs. Femco’s Ford Oil Plug is a direct replacement for the OEM yellow plug. Once installed, the Femco plug never needs to be removed for regular service. This eliminates any risk of over torquing and snapping the plastic plug during an oil change. Femco’s quick drain valve also allows for the controlled drain of hot oil without any risk of burns or spills.

Femco is excited about this new development, as composite oil pans are a lightweight, efficient solution for vehicles. As the industry continues to evolve, Femco will continue to offer the most efficient and effective oil draining systems on the market.

How it works


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Our very own Sean Sternberg was invited onto the “Heavy Duty Parts Report” podcast. During the episode, Sean and the host Jamie Irvine spoke about how Femco provides its customers a more efficient way to drain and fill oil from the vehicles and equipment. Later, the two discuss the extensive range of products the Femco offers. Listening to the podcast is a great way to explore the different drain plug series you may not yet be familiar with. For example, the XL plug is our largest plug, but Sean clearly explains the benefits of this solution. If you’re wondering which plug series suits your needs best. Listen to the podcast now

Femco on Heavy Duty Parts Report Podcast

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Why Bell Equipment Uses Femco on Their Vehicles

Manufacturers often need to drain fluids from their vehicles from difficult-to-reach positions or want to offer their customers an easy method of changing fluids. That is precisely why Bell Equipment opted to use Femco plugs on their products. Bell Equipment manufactures a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles such as tractor loader backhoes, rigid and articulated haulers and tri-wheeler rough terrain material handling equipment. We asked Nick Kyriacos (articulated dump truck product manager at Bell Equipment) about the thought process behind choosing Femco drain plugs and where customers can expect to find this drain technology on Bell machines. According to Nick: “Bell utilised the Femco plugs on the E-series ADTs. Its use was initially intended to improve access to the engine oil drain plug that would otherwise have required removing a belly plate for access. The pleasing results led Bell to install the Femco plugs onto the hydraulic tank and transmission sump as well.”

What Femco Offers Bell Equipment’s Customers

Femco plugs have a solid brass construction, meaning Femco can offer a lifetime warranty on all Femco plugs. This durability gives Bell Equipment the assurance that its customers can consistently drain all types of fluids from their vehicles for many years to come. The Femco plug has given Bell the opportunity to position the drainage point remotely, simplifying and speeding up the oil drainage process.

Femco on the E-Series

The Femco plug offers Bell customers more efficient and controlled oil drains to reduce the chance of spillages. Interested in seeing other drain technology solutions? Please visit to see how you could increase efficiency and mitigate maintenance downtime.