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Femco Oil Drain Valves

The home of the original oil drain valve since 1983

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Innovations from Femco

Most product development and innovation at Femco ® is the result of inquiries from our customers. We strive to develop an oil drain valve which makes an oil change as efficient, safe and environmentally friendly as possible in every situation. Hence we are always developing new drainage systems and looking for options to innovate our oil drain plug. We do this by monitoring developments in a range of markets, and by analysing the suggestions and requirements of our international clientele. Quality and reliability are the most important during our production process. All our oil drainage systems are thoroughly tested before they are released for production. As a result you can be sure that the Femco ® oil drain plugs are of the highest quality.

Drain system for vehicles

Femco® produces drainage systems for vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, mopeds, caravans, boats and camper vans. With the oil drain valves from Femco®, draining liquids and oil is an easy task. Our drain valves is therefore perfect for every vehicle owner, manufacturer or garage. For small maintenance and major maintenance you should use fast, innovative Femco® drain technology. A Femco® oil drain valve is installed once, as a result a damaged screw thread on your vehicle is a thing of the past. Even with frequent use, our high-quality drain plugs have a long service life.

Our Sectors

The oil drain valve for daily use
Regular maintenance is important for a perfectly functioning earth-moving machine. However, this maintenance is sometimes postponed by owners or companies, since it also generates additional costs. Femco® offers a solution here with the fast, simple and environmentally friendly drainage systems for earthmoving machines.

This means that the maintenance of your construction machine or mini excavators takes less time. It reduces the chance of your machine breaking down on location due to delayed maintenance. All you need is a drain plug, a collection container, drain and a little bit of time. The earth-moving machine drain plugs save every machine owner a lot of time.

Drain liquids quickly and environmentally friendly

Every sector is subjected to stricter environmental legislation. Also increasing fuel costs take up an ever-increasing cost item. Femco® therefore ensures that an engine oil change is quick, easy and environmentally friendly. By correctly replacing oil and liquids, an earth-moving machine works better. Also, an earth-moving machine will consume much less fuel and the oil consumption will be reduced when oil is changed regularly. In addition, with a correction method there is no waste of old oil or liquids. By avoiding waste and saving fuel, the use of the oil drain valves is environmentally friendly. Also important, the time for maintenance will be reduced by using our drain plugs. This lowers maintenance costs, a win-win situation!

Femco oil drain valves - Product range

Do you want to buy oil drain valves for earthmoving machines? In our Femco® webshop you will find our complete collection of drain plugs for all types of machines. With every drain plug you will find more product information and the corresponding dimensions of the earth-moving tapping plug. In addition to drain plugs for earthmoving machines, we also produce drainage systems for energy machines, vehicles and more. International, large organizations come to us for our innovative drain technology.

Do you have questions about a Femco® drain plug? Take a look at our frequently asked questions or contact us. We are more than happy to help you with all your questions and comments about our earth-moving machine drain technology.


Draining system for agricultural machinery
Femco® produces tapping systems for agricultural machines. Tractors, harvesters, grassland handlers, subsoilers, milking machines and sowing machines run smooth and well with regular maintenance. Use our drain technology systems for agricultural machinery. With the drain plugs, draining liquids and oil is an easy task. Our oil drain plugs for agricultural machines are installed at once, which prevents a damaged screw thread and leakage. Even with frequent use, our high-quality drain plugs for agricultural machines have a long service life.


Drainage system for the energy sector
Femco® produces drainage systems for the energy sector, including windmills, aggregates and power plants. Draining fluids and oil is an easy task with the oil drain valves from Femco® drain technology. Our oil drain valve is installed once, making a damaged screw thread a thing of the past. Even with frequent use of our high-quality drain plugs, our Femco® products have a long service life. Internationally, our drain technology is used for regular maintenance in the energy sector.

Earth Moving Machines

Drain system for earth-moving machines
Earthmoving machines are expensive and large machines. With proper maintenance these machines can do a long and good job. Femco® produces innovative drainage systems for earthmoving machines such as pipelayers, industrial excavators, dumping trucks and bulldozers. Oil change, checking engine oil or draining coolant is a simple job with our high-quality drain plugs. The result? Fast maintenance and a well running earthmoving machine.


Draining system for industrial machinery
Femco® produces drainage systems for machines, including industrial machines. Draining or changing liquids and oil is a simple job with our drain plugs. We have a drain plug for large and small industrial machines that fits perfectly. Our high-quality drain plugs are suitable for daily use and have a long service life.