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We would like to introduce you to the world of fast and mess-free oil changes. Our oil drain plugs and hoses are designed to revolutionize your fluid draining experience. No more fumbling—just a simple and quick hose attachment, the most convenient tool in equipment maintenance. We want to introduce you to a world where fluid changes are not a chore but a breeze. Try our oil drain systems and experience the convenience for yourself. 

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Oil Drain Plug

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Why does Femco make a difference?

Are you looking for an easy-drain oil plug for your engine? Then Femco® Drain Technology is the right place for you. We strive to develop products that make oil changes as efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly as possible, no matter the situation. Hence, we are always developing new drain systems and adapting to the ever-evolving equipment maintenance industry. We do this by monitoring developments in a range of markets and analyzing the suggestions and requirements of our international clientele. Quality and reliability are of the utmost importance during our production process. We’re confident we have the right solution for you, whether our Standard series for gravity drain or our Click Drain series for use with oil pumps and vacuum systems.

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Drain system for vehicles

Femco® Drain Technology produces drainage systems for a wide range of equipment, including trucks, heavy equipment, cars, motorbikes, mopeds, caravans, boats, and more. With our expansive catalog, draining liquids and oil is an easy task no matter the diversity of your equipment fleet. The Femco oil drain plugs allows you to drain your oil pan within seconds, whether hot or cold. Our drain valves are sure to suit the needs of every vehicle owner, manufacturer, or garage. For both minor and major maintenance, you can rely on innovative Femco® Drain Technology

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Transport Oil change


Do you oversee a large fleet of trucks and do you want to buy oil drain valves for…


Femco® Drain Technology produces oil drain systems for the energy sector……
construction equipment
Earth-moving equipment

Earth-moving equipment

Femco produces tapping systems for agricultural machines. Tractors,……
Agriculture Maintenance
tractor oil change


Draining system for agricultural machinery. Femco produces tapping systems for……
Industry maintenance


We produce oil drain valves for machines, including industrial machines. Draining…

Find out what Femco can do for your sector!

Contact us directly and speak with one of our professional consultants. We handle all parts design and production in-house. If you don’t see the perfect system here, we’ll gladly work with you on a custom system tailored just to suit your needs.

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