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Specializing in the production of custom parts, Femco Draintechnology was founded in 1984 in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands. We engage with you throughout the entire process, from development to implementation. We adhere to the highest quality standards for our special parts to ensure we only deliver the finest of finished products. 


The highest quality, from development to finished product.

Femco Draintechnology specializes in supplying custom turned and milled parts. Our engineering team is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the best material and production solutions. Quality checks are conducted meticulously throughout the entire process, both during production and after production. Operating state-of-the-art CNC machinery with round-the-clock production capabilities, we ensure precision and efficiency. We have a turning capacity from Ø0.23″ to Ø2.56″. Additionally, we offer assembly and finishing services when needed. We are always glad to take on a challenge and produce specialized custom parts for any industry and application.


We frequently work with the following materials:

All materials for your special parts are available in different qualities on your request.

Special Parts Femco

We’re here to be your reliable special parts partner.

At Femco Draintechnology we want to serve as your trusted partner for the design and production of specialized and custom parts. Our specialist knowledge is always available for product development, design, and production. We have over 40 years of experience across multiple industries. Femco may be known worldwide for quality oil drain valves, but with our special parts supply the possibilities are endless.

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