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Engine oil changes

Regular oil changes are essential to the performance of your equipment. Engine oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine. This reduces wear of the moving parts, prevents engine problems and extends the lifetime of the engine. Engine oil removes metal particles and combustion residues. Changing the oil maintains its required viscosity and ensures optimised lubrication. Fresh oil also reduces the fuel consumption, and provides 60% of the engine cooling.

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Topping up coolant

Femco® drain plug can also be used to top up or change the coolant of your vehicles and machines. Coolant carries the heat from the engine away, which optimises the performance and prevents overheating. Besides all this coolant, contains antifreeze and other additives that protect the engine. Coolant also contains agents that prevent rust and corrosion of the engine block. Our Compact oil drain plugs are widely used with environment-friendly Euro6 engines, to change the coolant and engine oil.

Gearbox oil changes

Regular maintenance is important to gearbox performance. Gearbox oil, like engine oil, reduces friction between moving parts and prevents wear. Fresh gearbox oil also cools the gearbox and prevents overheating. Timely oil changes also reduce the number of gearbox problems and extend their life. Femco® oil drain plugs also enable you to check the gearbox oil quality between oil changes.

Hydraulic oil changes

Hydraulic oil’s main function is to transfer pressure in hydraulic systems. Hence the quality of the hydraulic oil is key to the performance of your hydraulic system. Oil changes reduce the friction between moving parts and prevent wear and overheating. Femco® Draintechnology has oil drain plugs for all hydraulic systems which make it quick and easy to change the hydraulic oil.

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