Stainless Steel Drain Plug for Fuel Tank

Available at Femco®: Stainless Steel Drain Plugs for Fuel Tanks

Femco is proud to announce our latest innovation in drain technology. In collaboration with our customers in heavy equipment, we’ve developed fuel tank drain valve for Caterpillar Haul Trucks and Wheel Loaders. This drain valves allows for maintenance technicians to easily drain water condensation that has gathered at the bottom of the diesel fuel tank, without having to drain the tank completely of fuel. Femco’s Caterpillar Fuel Tank Plug is also a great option for flushing the fuel system.

Why stainless steel?

Due to the exposed location of the fuel tank drain valve, we didn’t compromise on materials. We chose to go with durable, corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel with a durable and impact resistant POM dust cap. POM is high-performance thermoplastic polymer, same material used for dust caps on Femco’s highspeed rail applications, and ensures the threads and valve mechanism are protected in any situation.

NEW: Caterpillar Fuel Tank Plug

Our customers had reached out, expressing dissatisfaction with the ease of service with the OEM fuel tank set up. Femco Draintechnology developed a specialized stainless steel drain plug as a solution. A fuel tank can have a capacity of 2500-5000L, and this plug can handle it with ease.

This drain plug fits the fuel tanks of various Caterpillar mining equipment, including the CAT:
– Haul Truck 777G
– Haul Truck 793F
– Wheel Loader 994H

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Stainless Steel Drain Plug
Stainless Steel Drain Plug CAT

Need a stainless steel drain plug?

Femco has an extensive portfolio for the manufacturing of specialized and custom parts. We work with our customers to produce tailor made solutions for unique problems. We’re able to achieve this with help of our in-house CNC machine park, professional team of engineers, and 40+ years of industry experience. Would you like more information on our stainless steel oil drain valves? Or in specialized drain plugs made of a different type of material? Please contact us.

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