XL Oil Drain Plug

This large XL plug ensures a faster oil flow rate, making oil changes faster when servicing large vehicles and equipment with large oil reservoirs. Our easy-to-use XL plug has an optimized flow and is specially designed to drain large volumes of oil in a short amount of time. Therefore, the XL plug is the ideal solution for heavy equipment.

The XL plugs are available in METRIC / UNF / UNS / NPT / BSP sizes.

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Femco’s XL oil drain plug is the largest option in our lineup. This highly specialized system is designed to maximize flow rate for applications with an exceptionally large volume of fluid. Like our other products, the XL is machined from solid brass, a corrosion resistant material not prone to conducting heat. Femco XL Drain plugs are not suitable for most vehicles or equipment. The XL plug is ideal for drain ports 30mm and larger. To service fleets of large vehicles and equipment, Femco® has also introduced the XL Click Drain. This quick-coupling system combines the advantages of the XL and the Click Drain plugs. This is ideal for servicing locomotives and mining equipment with an oil evacuation unit or pump.

If you would like more information about the XL oil drain plug, please feel free to contact us. Our experienced customer care team is always available to discuss your needs and help determine if the XL plug is a suitable solution.