Non-Drip Oil Drain Plug, available at Femco!

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Why should you choose the Non-Drip Plug?

Femco recently offers a new oil drain plug: the non-drip plug. What makes this plug different from the others?

The non-drip plug, like all Femco plugs, provides a quick, safe and easy oil change. However, with other typical plugs, there is a small residual oil left in the coupling and plug after the oil change. With the non-drip plug, this is not the case.

The non-drip plug works together with a coupling. Both the plug and the coupling contain a valve. The valve is at the bottom of the non-drip plug and at the top of the coupling. These valves fit together perfectly, so there is no free space and no oil can leak out.


non drip plug


Benefits Non-Drip Plug:

  • The non-drip contributes to a cleaner and safer workplace. Oil on the floor can lead to dangerous situations. With the non-drip plug this will no longer happen!
  • When performing a lot of maintenance, a small amount of oil leaks between each oil change, that adds up to a lot. So, the non-drip is perfect for a lot of maintenance.
  • With the plug from Femco, oil changing can take place on site. For the oil change, the vehicle/machine does not need to go to a maintenance shop.
  • The plugs are made of brass and high quality materials. This has the advantage that oil can be replaced both hot and cold. There is no need to wait for the oil to cool before servicing. The plugs are sustainable and have a lifetime warranty.

Mining machinery:

In the United States, mining is a major component in the industrial sector. The maintenance of mining machines and vehicles must be done properly and safely. Femco’s non-drip oil drain plug makes this easier, safer and faster. The benefits listed above are certainly relevant to the mining industry. The oil change can be done with hot or cold oil. The replacement can also be done on site. This saves a lot of time and the mine processes can be resumed quickly.

Femco already supplies plugs for several mining machines and vehicles. For example Bell Equipment uses Femco on their products.

Femco will also be present at the MinExpo 2021 Las Vegas!

How the non-drip works: