Non-Drip Oil Drain Plug

The Non-drip plug is the perfect solution to avoiding excess oil being spilled after or during draining and filling. Using a single oil plug really adds value if there is no residue left behind. This will ensure a more efficient, safe and productive workplace. Due to its robust brass construction, it is suitable for changing oils & fluids at high temperatures.

This non-drip plug is available in different sizes and is designed to be used together with the non-drip clicker.

The Non-Drip plugs are available in METRIC / UNF / UNS / NPT / BSP sizes.

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Femco’s Non-Drip series of fittings and couplers are the cleanest solution for heavy duty truck and equipment maintenance. This sytem utilizes a dry break connection between the drain plug and the coupler (Clicker) to ensure that not a single drop of fluid is exposed or spilled during the draining or filling process. To accelerate the draining or filling process further, the Non-Drip can be used in combination with a EVAC unit or oil pump. These plugs are the perfect solution to prevent spills during maintenance. The fully sealed system, with valves in both the plug and coupler, achieves the most efficient, safe, and clean oil changes. With the ability to change fluids without any leftover residue, maintenance teams can safely service their vehicles and equipment in the field.

How it works:

Install the Femco Non-Drip plug in your engines oil pan. When it’s time for an oil change, simply unscrew the dust cap and click on the Non-Drip Clicker to begin draining. This system is best when paired with an oil evacuation unit or pump.

When should you choose the Non-drip plug?

  • Excellent for field service, or service of particularly dangerous or dirty fluids.
  • Perfect for both draining and filling fluid.
  • No drips, spills, or residual fluid on either end of the connection.
  • Due to the design, the Non-Drip is only available for applications with drain ports of 18mm or larger.


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