EV Maintenance Improvement

Revolutionizing Fluid Drainage with Femco Drain Technology

In every industry, there’s a growing imperative to reduce emissions and embrace environmentally friendly alternatives. The rapid movement towards a zero emission future has propelled electric vehicles (EVs) to a prominent position across virtually every sector. However, this growth presents a new challenge: the safe, efficient, and effective drainage of EV fluids. Although EVs may be without motor oil, coolant and differential fluids are frequently utilized and still in need of routine service. Femco Drain Technology provides a permanent solution: lightweight aluminum drain valves designed for EVs.

Aluminum Drain Valves for EV’s

Femco is at the forefront of developing new drain solutions. We’ve recently developed several light-weight drain valves out of aluminum alloy for EV fluid applications. We’re aware that weight savings are of utmost importance, and have made sure to deliver a high quality solution.

We have developed these valves for EV coolant systems, and on certain equipment, differential fluid. These plugs are available in our low profile compact version, making them suitable for use in tight spaces and on vehicles with low ground clearance. These plugs ensure time savings and maximum cleanliness on EV maintenance.

EV Plugs

High quality solution EV maintenance

Whether you own an electric car, truck, boat, forklift, or any other type of vehicle, Femco has a suitable solution for you. We collaborate with OEMs around the world to deliver the finest in fluid maintenance equipment. Offering a wide range of 600+ variants and sizes of plugs, we have the capability to manufacture a tailored solution for your needs with our in-house production, experienced engineers, and extensive machinery. Our solutions are built to meet the highest quality standards and can be crafted from various materials depending on the application.

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss the possibilities or receive a free quotation. One of our experts will work with you to find a suitable drainage solution for your electric vehicle. Together, we make EV maintenance faster, better, and cleaner.