Compact Oil Drain Plug

  • Low-profile plug – No risk of knocking the plug off the oil pan
  • No tools – After installation, no tools are required to drain oil
  • Drain Hot Oil – Reducing maintenance downtime
  • Clean – No need to get your hands dirty
  • Environment – Keep a clean workplace
  • Drainer – Works with Femco Compact Drainer

Replace your oil plug for a Femco oil drain plug and make your oil change faster, cleaner, and safer!

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The Compact drain plug has the lowest profile in Femco’s product lineup. It’s an excellent choice when clearance is a concern. The Compact plug only extends 12 millimetres from the oil pan and can be paired with our low profile Compact 90° degree drainer for extra tight places. Like our other products, the Compact plug is machined from solid brass, a durable, corrosion resistant metal, not prone to conducting heat. The oil drain plug features a dust cover and a two O-ring’s, protecting the valve assembly and ensuring reliable performance in the most demanding conditions. There is no need to use heavy wrenches or keys with our plugs.

How it works:

Install the Femco Compact plug in your engines oil pan. When it’s time for an oil change, simply unscrew the dust cap and screw on the Femco drain hose. The action of screwing the hose on opens the internal valve, allowing the waste oil to drain. The drain hose allows for the waste oil to be drained directly into a container for disposal. This can also be paired with a Compact to Click adaptor, for use with waste oil pumps and evacuation units.

When should you choose the Compact oil drain plug?

  • Vehicles with low ground clearance (such as a buses, off-road vehicles, and agricultural equipment).
  • Small applications such as gearboxes, coolant, transmissions, hydraulics, and HVAC.
  • When the drain port is in a tight space or hard-to-reach area.

Experience faster, safer and cleaner fluid draining with Femco Drain Technology.