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Making Femco's office and factory more sustainable

Femco begins the year of 2023 with the installation of 186 new solar panels on the roof of both its office and factory in the Netherlands. The decision to purchase solar panels was a sustainable investment in the company and the environment. Femco manufactures and produces our products in our own factory. This requires a lot of energy. Femco has made the choice to have the entire roof covered with solar panels to ensure a large part of Femco’s electricity is supplied by green power.

Femco sustainable solar panels

Femco tries to be a sustainable business in several ways. Femco’s products allow for the draining of oil in a controlled and environmentally risk free way. Because of our products, less oil is wasted and spilled during routine maintenance.
Now the products known for contributing to a cleaner process of vehicle maintenance are cleanly and sustainably manufactured as well.


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Faster and safer oil change for John Deere equipment!

Performing frequent and proper maintenance on John
Deere equipment ensures a long and reliable service life.
An important part of maintenance is changing the oil

Thanks to Femco’s innovations in drain plug technology, changing oil is much faster and cleaner than ever before.

John Deere Oil Changes

Femco Oil Drain Plugs

Whether you have a have a large fleet or just a handful of personal pieces of equipment, Femco has options to suit your needs.

Standard Plug (few vehicles):

The Standard Plug is easy to install in place of the original oil plug. When you’re ready to change your oil, you can simply screw the Femco drainer on the plug. The valve will open and the oil will flow out. 
This plug makes it possible to drain oil (hot) at engine temperature. Because the system is closed, it eliminates risk of oil leaks. This makes for a much cleaner and safer work place!

Way to use Oil Drain Plug

Click Drain Plug (fleet maintenance):

The Click Drain Plug has the same advantages as mentioned above with the Standard. The difference is that with the Click Drain there is no need to screw on a drainer. With a Femco Clicker Coupling you can easily click the drainer on to the plug.
Femco’s Click Drain System is perfect for use in combination with an evac unit for a full oil change in just a few seconds.

click drain system Femco

John Deere Engines

John Deere makes large variety of tractors and equipment. The plug sizes on the engines are diverse.
If you know the plug size you can easily find the right plug on the website.
Don’t know the plug size? Here is a list of John Deere engines:


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Visit us at booth: 5682

Femco is happy to announce that we will be an exhibitor at WorkTruckWeek 2022. Come find us at booth number 5682!

For more than 20 years, the people who design, build, use and maintain the work trucks and equipment the world relies on have gathered every March to see the industry’s latest products and technology, learn from one another and discuss how to improve the future.
~ WorkTruckWeek


WorkTruckWeek logo

Femco Oil Drain Plugs

Femco oil drain plugs contribute to better maintenance of work trucks. Our plugs make oil draining faster, safer, and easier. We would like to get in touch with you at the WorkTruckWeek.

Better oil changes
Click Drain plug for engines

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Does your company own one or more trucks?

Femco sets the industry standard for clean and cost effective oil changes. Want to get a Femco plug on your truck? You can easily find the right plug size on our website.

Common engines and trucks:


Some of the most common engines in the United States that Femco makes oil drain plugs for:

Detroit Diesel


There are already over one hundred thousand trucks driving around the world with a Femco plug. 
Many companies have installed Femco plugs in these trucks:


Check our catalog for the correct plug sizes for the most common engines. If you have found the right plug size for your engine you can easily order the oil drain plug on our website.

How does the Femco oil drain plug work?
(Click Drain)

Click Drain plug for engines

Femco’s Click Drain system is perfect for performing fleet maintenance.
This is how it works:

1. Install the Femco oil drain plug and unscrew the cap.

2. Easily connect the Femco clicker coupling.

3. Draining the oil starts. By using an EVAC Unit, the oil will be completely drained within seconds.

Femco’s click drain system was built from the ground up to save you time and money. It’s quick connect drainer simply clicks onto the drain plug, opening the valve and allowing oil to flow out. Due to its brass construction, oil can be drained at engine temperature without risk of burns. This ensures any particulates or sludge left in the engine are flushed out with the more viscous hot oil. Draining oil hot results faster drain times, a cleaner oil change, and there’s no need to wait for the motor to cool down before service. When coupled with an oil evacuation unit, the Femco system can fully drain a truck in just seconds.

The Femco® drainage systems are the result of over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing oil drain plugs. Our oil drain plugs enable technicians to change oil in an efficient, safe and more environmentally friendly way. 
Femco plugs are made of solid brass construction and have limited lifetime warranties.