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On our news page, you can read all about the latest developments at Femco®. We will keep you informed about the introduction of new products, you can read all about the events and exhibitions we visit and we will inform you about all the latest actions and promotions.

XL Click Drain

We are proud to announce the Femco® XL Click Drain and the XL Clicker. This oil drainage system combines the advantages of the XL and the Click Drain plugs, and is designed to drain large volumes of oil in a short period of time. The flow rate of the plug is optimised, and is therefore the most effective solution for fleets of vehicles with a large oil storage. Besides of this the XL Click Drain is provided with a dust cap which seals the Clicker completely.

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Femco USA Inc.

Femco® has been shipping its oil drainage systems to the United Stated since 1985, and we are proud to announce that we are opening an office In Duvall (Washington). With an office in the United States, Femco® USA can assemble, manufacture and ship across North America. Femco® USA provides a fantastic opportunity to develop a dealer network, support our existing customers better, but also showcase our products across all industry sectors of North America.

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Renewed: The Quick Drain valve

We proudly present the renewed Quick Drain valve. The new Quick Drain design comes with several advantages, and is developed to make routine oil changes a breeze. This oil drainage system is shorter than our previous model, and can be provided with optional hose ends which help to control the drainage process. We have developed straight and angled drainers which can easily be attached to the valve. The hose ends are interchangeable and is suitable for any drainage application.

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New at Femco: The nylon dust cap

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest product – the all new Nylon Dust Caps.The Nylon Dust Caps are all CAD 3-D modelled, designed and engineered in-house using latest technology. The Caps include a reinforced glass fibre matrix ensuring a strong, robust and heat resistant Cap suitable for changing hot oil.Each Nylon Dust Cap incorporates an NBR-O-Ring, our traditional grip pattern for turning on and off, finished in Femco green and stamped with our patented logo.

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The latest events

In the last few months we visited a number of exhibitions all around the world to promote or quick and clean oil drain plugs. Today we will give you a quick update on our latest visitations.

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LAMMA 2016

After the success of our last visit to the LAMMA, we decided to exhibit at LAMMA 2016 as well. The LAMMA is the largest exhibition for agricultural machinery, spare parts, equipment and services in the United Kingdom. The exhibition took place on 20 and 21 January 2016 in Peterborough, England and was visited by 900 exhibitors and over 40.000 visitors.

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Femco Webshop

From today you can also order the Femco oil drain plugs and systems on our webshop Here you will find oil drain plugs which ensure you can perform an oil change in an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly way. We at Femco Drain Technology are always looking for new ways to make your routine operation easier, and with our new webshop you can quickly order an oil drain plug made to measures.

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De LAMMA 2015

On the 21th and the 22th we exhibited at the LAMMA exhibition in Peterborough, England. The LAMMA is the UK’s biggest exhibition for agricultural machinery. This year the LAMMA was visited by 40.000 visitors. And was exhibited by 900 producers of agricultural machinery. On the exhibition we demonstrated our oil drain plugs, and we hope we could provide you with all information about our quick and clean oil drain plugs.

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