How to do an environmentally friendly oil change

Regularly changing the oil is essential for the maintenance of engines. After all, new oil ensures that the engine continues to perform well and that the service life of the engine is extended. Do you want to change your oil in an environmentally friendly way? That’s possible! 

Drain the oil quickly and in a clean way

Once upon a time, draining oil was a dirty and greasy job. Those times are over. After all, it’s possible to change oil quickly and effectively with the Femco® oil drain plugs. Because our plugs have a closed system, you can change and drain oil without spillage.

Dispose of used oil

Draining oil is only step one of the process. After your environmentally friendly oil change, the oil also needs to be recycled. Make sure that you collect your waste oil if you change the oil yourself. Oil does not wear, but does get dirty. Take your waste oil to a collection site, where the oil can be processed into new products or used to generate electricity. Did you know that about 90% of collected waste oil can be recycled into reusable fractions?

So make sure that your oil is drained and collected correctly; if oil ends up in groundwater or rivers, it can have disastrous consequences for nature and water will be contaminated. So don’t put your waste oil into the residual waste. Do you not change the oil of your engines yourself? Then be sure to ask how this oil is disposed of.

Working together for the environment

If we all work together and pay attention to what we can do ourselves for the environment, we can all help our beautiful planet. Being environmentally friendly is one of the big pillars of Femco, because we think nature is very important. That’s why we make products that ensure you a quick and environmentally friendly oil change. View all our products and their specifications now in our webshop! 

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