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The Quick Drain oil drain valve is a combination of a plug and a drain connector. When it’s time for an oil change, you can simply ‘push and turn’ the plug after which the valve opens and the oil drains into the container. You can also attach several hose ends to the oil drain valve to control the flow completely.

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Efficient and safe oil changes with the Quick Drain oil drain valve

Femco® Draintechnology is constantly innovating and developing new products. In the beginning of 2015 we introduced the Quick Drain oil drain valve. The Quick Drain is a two-in-one solution which combines a plug with a drain connector. When it’s time to perform an oil change, simply ‘push and turn’, as a result, the valve opens and allows you to drain the oil easily into a container.

Like our other oil drainage systems, the Quick Drain enables you to perform quick, clean and environmentally friendly oil changes. The Quick Drain is manufactured out of solid brass. This material is heat resistant thus ensuring you can safely change hot fluids* such as engine oil. You can simply use the oil drain valve without using any specialist tools. In addition to this it is easy to take oil samples using the Quick Drain. The Quick Drain oil drain valve also incorporates a locking system to ensure an effective seal, thus creating a clean working environment.

Advantages of the Quick Drain oil drain valve

  • Reduction of downtime

  • Easy operation

  • Clean oil changes

  • Change hot oil safely

  • No tools required

  • Easy way to sample oil

Interchangeable drainers for every drainage situation

The Quick Drain comes complete with interchangeable drainers for every drainage situation. You can simply attach these drainers to the oil drain valve and the draining process is fully controlled. Femco® develops straight and angled drainers which can be adjusted for every application. The design of the Femco® Quick Drain provides a lifetime of reliable service. Our Quick Drain oil drain valve (diameter 12 mm and above) is available with a wide range of thread types: metric, UNF, BSP, NPT, UNS and UNC. Femco® can also manufacture non-standard threads for any application.

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