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The Femco® Drain Technology Ford plastic drain plug comes with a free drainer. This will make your oil changes controlled and easy! Our company has the solution for broken OEM oil drain plugs. This plug makes oil changes easier, faster and safer! No more broken OEM plugs, or damaged oil pans! We offer Ford owners the best oil drain plug to replace the standard yellow OEM plug.

Our replacement for the Ford plastic drain plug fits various vehicles

This plug is a direct replacement for the temporary plastic yellow OEM plug in your Ford. Please make sure your vehicle uses the yellow drain plug before ordering. Your Ford oil plug should be yellow plastic if you wish to replace it with a Femco® oil drain plug.

  • Ford trucks from 2015 onwards
  • Ford mustang
  • Ford Edge SUVs


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Our company, specialized in oil drain systems, has developed the best oil drain plug for Ford F150 & Mustang owners to replace the plastic originals. The yellow plastic drain plug found in Ford trucks (2015-2021) is notorious for being a temporary solution. The OEM yellow oil pan plug often breaks or does not fit back into the oil pan after it is removed. Oil changes are necessary to protect your engine and should happen regularly. You should not have to purchase new yellow oil drain plugs for every oil change. That is why we have developed a permanent non-drip solution.


  • Full control of oil flow
    Ensure you don’t make a mess of your workplace and avoid burning your hands on hot waste oil.
  • Secure locking tabs
    Because you never need to remove the plug, we made sure it can’t fall out or break. Just twist on the drainer to begin draining the oil. The Secure locking tabs will also ensure you can go offroad with you truck, or enjoy some spirited driving!
  • Save Costs
    You will never need to replace the Femco® oil plug, meaning you avoid having to purchase the Yellow OEM plug for every oil change.
  • Quality Internals and Finish
    Femco® plugs for your engine are made of the highest quality materials. The brass internals and O-rings can withstand extreme temperatures and last a lifetime. Furthermore, this means it can work in harsh environments such as a hot desert or icy winters.

Find Accessories for this plug

Once you have replaced the plastic original plug, The Femco® Drain Technology Ford drain plug is compatible with various accessories. These are:

Order a plug for your Ford today

You can buy your Ford plug to replace your plastic drain plug in our shop. If you have any questions, please contact our European office in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands. We will gladly help you with all your questions about, for instance, our caterpillar oil drain plugs! Use our contact page, call +31 (0)297 – 23 02 05 or send an e-mail to

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Femco Ford Oil Plug

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