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An oil pan plug by Femco® Drain Technology allows you to make easier and cleaner oil changes. As the oil drain plug is located at the bottom of the oil pan, gravity will allow the oil to leave the system of your vehicle when opened. Because of its location, however, this plug needs to be of excellent quality to prevent waste and save precious time.

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An oil pan plug from the experts in oil drainage

We are experts in oil drain systems, and your partner for a brand-new plug for your oil pan. With an oil drain plug by our engineers, your oil changes will go better and faster than ever before. A Femco oil drain plug in your oil pan has many advantages. It saves you a lot of time, due to the fact that it is easy to connect, but also quick to release. Not only that, but the waste of oil will also be minimal.

Aluminium Plug for Paccar Composite Oil Pan side


Femco® visits events and exhibitions all over the world to learn everything about the latest trends and developments in our industry.


In the early 1980s Poul van Santen was so frustrated with the poor quality of the traditional drain plug, he took it upon himself to re-design automotive oil drain plugs.


On our news page, you can read all about the latest developments at Femco®. We will keep you informed about the introduction of new products.

Aluminium Plug for Paccar Composite Oil Pan

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We are your partner in oil draining solutions and systems. Order the plug you require for your oil pan in our online store or get in touch with our staff. You can contact us by using our contact page to ask all of your pressing questions. We will gladly help you find the perfect oil pan plug for your sector.

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