The Non-drip plug is the perfect solution to avoiding excess oil being spilled after or during draining and filling. Using a single oil plug to drain and fill fluids adds tremendous value if there is no excess residue left behind. This will ensure a more efficient, safe and productive workplace.

The Perfect Solution for Remote Locations

With the possibility of the changing fluids without any excess residue, maintenance teams can service their vehicles and equipment in remote locations, making this an ideal solution for several industries, including: Mining, Oil & Gas, Trucking, Construction and others.

Drain Oil at Engine Temperature

Due to its robust solid brass construction, the Non-Drip plugs are suitable for changing oils & fluids at engine temperatures.

Available in Several Sizes

This single plug is available in numerous different sizes and is designed to be used together with the non-drip clicker (also sold separately).
Having a system that allows you to drain and fill without any leftover residue is truly a game changer. Femco proudly presents the latest innovation in draintechnology; Non-drip. This system can guarantee that no excess fluid will leak after draining and filling. The Non-drip solution consists of an oil drain plug and a clicker made of brass and premium materials to ensure quality and durability.