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The NEW Non-Drip Drain System

We have launched our latest innovation in drain technology! The new non-drip plug & clicker completely eliminate the risk of spillage while draining and refilling oil. Femco has listened to the market and has noticed the rise in popularity of EVAC units being used to change the oil of vehicles. This is the ideal solution for vehicles in dangerous and hostile work environments or workplaces that require a spotless workplace.

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A Game Changer

Femco proudly presents the ultimate solution for those looking to maximize efficient vehicle maintenance. When used in conjunction with a suction unit, the non-drip plug and clicker make for the fastest and cleanest oil draining system on the market.
Completely eliminating risk of oil drips and spills, this product is guaranteed to reduce downtime and improve efficiency. All while ensuring a safer and cleaner work environment for technicians and crew.

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Non-Drip System

The ideal solution for maintaining large fleets of vehicles. The non-drip plug speeds up the oil draining and refilling process while reducing downtime spent on clean up. The brass construction allows oil to be changed while hot or cold.

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Slip and fall accidents are among the most common causes of workplace injuries. By eliminating risk of oil drip, the non-drip plug and clicker will make for an easier, safer, and more employee friendly work environment.

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