New Ford F-Series Plug: To replace the yellow broken OEM Plugs

Femco has developed the best oil drain plug for Ford F150 & Mustang owners.

The yellow plastic drain plug found in Ford trucks (2015-2021) is notorious for being a temporary solution. The OEM yellow oil plug often breaks or doesnt fit back into the oil pan after it is removed. Oil changes are neccassary to protect your engine and should happen regularly. You should not have to purchase new yellow oil drain plugs for every oil change. That is why Femco has developed a permanent solution.

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The Ford F-Series is the number 1 selling vehicle in North America. Since 2015, many new production F-Series models have come with a composite oil pan and yellow plastic drain plugs. Femco’s Ford Oil Plug is a direct replacement for the OEM yellow plug. Once installed, the Femco plug never needs to be removed for regular service. This eliminates any risk of over torquing and snapping the plastic plug during an oil change. Femco’s quick drain valve also allows for the controlled drain of hot oil without any risk of burns or spills.

Femco is excited about this new development, as composite oil pans are a lightweight, efficient solution for vehicles. As the industry continues to evolve, Femco will continue to offer the most efficient and effective oil draining systems on the market.

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