How to drain oil faster with Femco?

6 Steps to do:

In this article we will discuss how you can drain your oil faster with Femco.
Changing oil is a tedious but important task. It takes time and it is a dirty job. 
Femco makes this easier, faster and safer for you.

1. You need an oil plug from Femco

    Femco has a wide range of plugs and many different sizes.
    If you want to know which plug you need, look here:

    Which oil plug size do i need?

2. Work on a level surface

   Make sure the vehicle is on a level surface. This way the oil will sink to the lowest point.

3. Remove the cap from the Femco plug

Remove the cap from the Femco plug. 
The oil change process starts from this step. The oil can be changed either hot or cold. This is because no oil will leak. 
The oil change can be performed quicker and safer!

Step 1 oil change

4. Attach the drainer and let the oil drain

It is easy to connect the Femco drainer to the Femco plug. When the drainer is turned on the plug, an internal valve rises (as shown in the figure at right). The oil will flow through the plug and drainer from this point on.

Easily collect the oil in a jerry can or container using the drainer.

Oil change step 2 and 3

5. Cap back on the plug

    When all the oil has been drained, the cap can be put back on the plug. The cap protects the plug from dirt          and damage while driving. The oil has been drained in a safe and clean way.

6. Fill oil

    The final step is to add clean oil. Use a funnel and fill the new oil carefully so that no spillage occurs. Make          sure there is enough clean oil by checking the oil level by chekcing the dipstick.

How to drain oil Femco


– Oil can be changed either hot or cold. 
– Time-saving because there is no need to wait for the oil to cool.
– Oil flows out better and faster when it’s hot.
– The drainer connects easily to the plug and through the drainer the oil can be guided.
– No oil will leak (over hands, for example).