Which oil drain plug size do I need?

If you’ve decided to try out a Femco® oil drain plug, we’ll gladly help you if you’re still doubting which oil plug and which oil plug size you need exactly.  

The first question you should ask yourself, is for which machine or engine you need an oil drain plug and what you’re expecting for this plug. That’s because we sell different size oil drain plugs, each with their own specifications. You can start by finding your oil plug size here.

You can also find the exact size by measuring the thread size of the manufacturers plug that is initially installed on the oil pan.

what oil drain plug do i need? calipers

Start by measuring the plug width:

Oil drain plug diameter is best measured in millimeters using a tool called “measurement calipers”. Measure the width of the plug across the base of the plug, at the widest part of the threads, This will be the first number you need to find your oil drain plug size. For Example: M22x1.5mm

Then you should measure the thread pitch:

The “thread pitch” is the distance between threads, this is measured in millimetres (measured along the length of the oil drain plug). For example a thread pitch of 1.5 indicates that the distance between one thread and the next thread is 1.5mm. This is the first measurement needed to figure out which oil plug size you need. You can use a thread pitch gauge to measure this easily.

what oil plug size do i need

The right oil drain plug for you

We have various oil drain plugs with different oil plug sizes in our range. There’s the Standard, our basic model, from which we built all our other plugs. Are you looking for an oil drain plug that allows you to drain oil in very tight spaces, such as under a low bus? Then take a look at our Compact oil drain plugs, this is the smallest plug we offer.

Is your main goal to drain the oil very quickly? Then we recommend our Click drain and Quick Drain plugs. You can combine these plugs with one of our Mobile Service Units, and your oil will be drained in a blink of an eye. Do you want to drain large quantities of oil quickly? Then check out our XL oil drain plug! 

Luckily for you, our website makes it easy to find the fitting oil drain plug size. You can filter on the manufacturer, the model, year and engine, after which our site will guide you to a fitting oil drain plug. Next to each one of our different oil drain plugs, you can see the thickness in mm, the length in mm, the screw length under the head in mm and the inside diameter in mm. This way, it’s very clear what size of oil plug you purchas

Using the correct torque key

The main advantage of using Femco® oil drain plugs, is of course the fact that except for the installation, you never need tools to drain the oil from your engine. So you never have to worry about not having the correct key at hand! Trying to loosen oil drain plugs with the wrong key can lead to broken plugs or damage to the crankcase. With a Femco oil drain plug, you can easily screw on the drain piece by hand. 

When you’re installing a Femco® oil drain plug, you do need a key, namely a torque key. Take a good look at the dimensions of the oil drain plug you have chosen. According to the oil plug size, you can choose a torque key that matches that size. Tighten the oil drain plug securely, without tightening it too tightly. Now you have easily installed your oil drain plug!

Femco Standard Oil Drain Plug

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