The latest events

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The latest events

In the last few months we visited a number of exhibitions all around the world to promote or quick and clean oil drain plugs. Today we will give you a quick update on our latest visitations.

Inapa Jakarta

This year we visited the INAPA & the IIBT for the first time. These are the biggest automotive exhibitions in Indonesia and were held in the Jakarta. We visited these exhibitions with PT Papasari, which is one of the new distributors of the Femco oil drain plugs. The INAPA is the biggest exhibition for auto parts, accessories en equipment and this year it attracted around 50.000 visitors and 1.000 companies from all over the word. The IIBT Exhibition is Indonesia’s largest trucking exhibitions with 300 producers of busses, coaches’ trucks and heavy-duty vehicles. At these exhibitions we had the opportunity to demonstrate the Femco oil drain in front of a large audience, and we talked with the audience about the possibilities of the Femco oil drain plugs.

Intermat Paris

From 20 till 25 April we exhibited at the Intermat in Paris. The Intermat is an exhibition, which is completely specialized in equipment and techniques for construction and materials Industries. On this exhibition many innovation were shown and we spoke with a lot of companies about the about subjects like innovation, efficiency, safety and the environment. But we also spoke about the possibilities of a quick and clean oil change with the Femco oil drain plugs.
The exhibitions we visited were a great success. We spoke with a lop op customers and interested companies about the industry and the Femco oil drain systems. We were given a lot of positive feedback and we are very excited about this great experience! We hope to see you soon on one of the other exhibitions we are attending to.