Standard SB 90° Drainer M22X1.5 650119


This is a brass drainer with a hose. The Standard drainer only works with the Standard small bore (SB) oil drain plug from Femco. The plugs that match this drainer are available on our online store.

Large Bore (LB) drainers and plugs are also available on our website.

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A:                                            Inner Thread size M22x1.5

B:                                            17mm

C:                                            37mm

D:                                            34mm

E:                                            15mm

Flow:                                     10mm

The Original Oil Drain Plug is the first plug Femco produced more than 35 years ago. Since then, the iconic Femco oil drain plug has become an essential OEM part for several manufacturers. The oil drain plug is also available for people that want to service their own car and perform their own engine oil changes. This oil drain plug will keep your driveway oil-free and ensure the process is easy and clean. Additionally, the oil drain plug features a dust cover and a double O-ring, which protects the plug and ensures reliable performance. Installation is easy, you simply screw the drain plug on the sump or oil pan and attach on the brass drainer if you want to drain the oil. After the plug is installed, there is no need to use heavy wrenches or keys to use the original oil drain plug!

This solid brass oil drain plug uses a brass drain to open the plug’s valve and allow the oil to flow from the oil pan. Thanks to its design and construction, you are able to drain oil and fluids at engine temperature, saving maintenance downtime and increasing safety in the workshop. In addition to this, the durability and quality of the system allows Femco to offer its customers a limited lifetime warranty on the original oil drain plugs.

The original oil drain plug is available in several different sizes and is ideal for vehicles, mining equipment, generators and more.

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