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Environmental protection is more important than ever before. We all aim to protect the environment. Femco® oil drainage systems make oil changes easier than ever. The oil can be collected and disposed of without spillages or causing pollution. This also facilitates oil recycling. We aim to develop oil drainage systems to help make oil changes quick and pollution-free, in any setting.

Femco® Draintechnology boasts over 30 years of experience designing and developing oil drainage systems which combine efficiency with environmental sustainability. The Femco® drain plug design allows you to perform oil changes in a quick, safe and environmentally friendly manner and to this end, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a critical priority for Femco®. Our CSR is focused on providing economic performance and gain for all our customers which results in an increase in net profit. Secondly our product’s design includes core respect for our users and with the no-mess solution, Femco® drainage systems promote a better ecological environment for the world. Below we will explain how our oil drain systems can contribute to your CSR policy.

MVO | CSR | RSE | Duurzaam | Sustainability | Umweltverträglich | Durable


The unique design of our oil drainage systems allows you to change the oil for your vehicle or machine in a safe and sustainable way. Femco® oil drain plugs are machined from solid brass. Brass is a heat resistant material allowing you to change hot oil* safely reducing the risk to operators and personnel.

MVO | CSR | RSE | Duurzaam | Sustainability | Umweltverträglich | Durable


Fitting a Femco® drainage system transforms messy oil changes into a clean and sustainable operation, our oil drainage systems are designed to prevent spillage of oil. Thus, contributing to a clean and sustainable working environment, furthermore with no mess you need less water and soap for cleaning hands, clothes and floors.

MVO | CSR | RSE | Duurzaam | Sustainability | Umweltverträglich | Durable


The Femco® oil drainage systems combine sustainability, safety and efficiency. Our products ensure that you can perform quick and clean oil changes. This reduces the downtime of your vehicles and machinery, and time spent performing maintenance. Furthermore, you don’t need to spend valuable time or invest in expensive cleaning products.

Sustainability at at Femco®

We at Femco® Draintechnology are trying to make your routine operation easier. We try to do this in an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly way. By promoting sustainability, we try to create a sustainable and conscious environment in which businesses can get the best out of themselves.

*CAUTION, While Femco oil drain plugs allow you to change hot oil, the oil will still be hot.