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Changing oil with a sump plug and sump plug wrench

When you’re replacing oil, you normally need a sump/ oil pan plug wrench to loosen a sump/ oil pan plug. And you can’t just use any random tools, you need a wrench that is exactly the right size. If you use a wrong size wrench, the sump plug can be severely damaged. In addition, the threads of the plug or oil pan may be damaged if the sump plug is over torqued while putting it back after changing the oil. Sometimes the damages are so bad that there are a lot of costs involved. A severely damaged sump thread or broken sump/ oil pan plugs are just some of the problems that you may have to deal with.

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Draining the oil without a sump plug wrench

It is nevertheless possible to change oil quickly and effectively, without damaging anything or using an oil plug key. Repairing severly damaged sump/ oil pan plugs is a tough job, which isn’t necessary when you use the Femco® oil drain plug. If you use a Femco® oil drain plug, you only need tools the first time to install the plug. Our oil drain plugs must be installed with a torque key. It is important that the oil drain plug isn’t tightened too hard or too loosely. Once installed, a wrench or key is no longer required. Then the Femco® drain piece can easily be screwed on by hand to drain the oil. So no need for a carter plug key or any other tools! With a Femco® oil drain plug you don’t have to worry about damages to the sump threads or the sump itself. 

No more plugs that get stuck or frustrations with the drain plug key

It happens regularly and you’ve probably already experienced it: a stuck sump/ oil pan plug. No matter how you turn with your key or wrench, the plug does not move. It can cost you quite some time and even money if the plug or oil pan gets damaged in the process. If you opt to use the Femco® oil drain plug, you will not have this problem. All our oil drain plugs have a dust cap with a double O-ring, so no dirt gets between the thread and the dust caps. This ensures that the dust cap can be removed easily and quickly. Moreover, the plug does not have to be unscrewed either, so you can put your wrench or key aside. Simply turn the drain piece on the oil drain plug and drain the oil easily and effectively, without tools or other supplies. 

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