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Stripped thread and broken sump plugs

Mechanics have to service a lot of vehicles on a daily basis, and in their hurry mistakes can be made. Some examples of the most common mistakes are replacing the sump plug incorrectly or over torqueing the plug. This will damage oil pans over time, as the thread wears off. This means you will need to use an oil pan repair kit or must replace the pan entirely. Besides, over torqueing a sump/oil pan plug, can cause the plug to break or the head to round off. To remove a broken or damaged sump plug can be very difficult and time consuming. As you only fit a Femco® oil drain plug once, problems like stripped threads and broken plugs are prevented.

Leaking sump plug

A leaking oil pan plug can be due to several reasons, including stripped treads, worn oil pans and faulty or worn out seals. Oil leaks can be a serious problem as oil is essential for the lubrication of engine components. Oil reduces the friction between moving parts, prevents wear and provides cooling, to avoid overheating. A low oil level in the sump/oil pan can lead to irreparable engine damage. Furthermore the oil can leak into the environment causing pollution, which can lead to big fines for environmental clean-up. Femco® oil drain plugs prevent the sump/oil pan plug from leaking, and make oil changes quicker, easier and reduce the risk of causing environmental pollution.

Seized sump plugs

A sump / oil plug can get stuck due to over tightening or due to contamination of the thread. As there is no need to unscrew a Femco® oil drain plug, this problem cannot happen, saving you the time and frustration of dealing with seized sump plugs. To prevent contamination problems Femco® oil drain plugs are provided with dust covers with dual O-rings. This prevents the ingress of dust between the thread and the dust cover, allowing the dust cover to be easily be removed for maintenance.

Protect your engine with the Femco® oil drain system

All Femco® oil drain systems are installed once, which prevents problems, like stripped threads, worn oil pans and oil leaks. You can use our oil drain system without using any tools and you don’t need to replace the washer after performing an oil change. This means the Femco® oil drain plug makes your oil change quicker, easier, cleaner and reduces the risk of causing environmental pollution. Take a look at our product page to find out which oil drain system fits your requirements the best!

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