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Oil change car; how to? 

When do you need to change your oil and how do you do this? Well, a lot of people get their oil changed at their yearly car maintenance check at the car garage or before a vehicle inspection procedure. However, you can also change the oil of your car yourself. This saves money! All you need for a regular oil change is an oil drain plug, engine oil (synthetic oil or mineral oil) and a drain pan.

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Changing the oil in a few steps: 

  1. Do you want to change your own oil? First and foremost: with the Femco oil drain plug you are able to change your oil hot, this will let the oil run out a lot faster. So no need to wait until the oil is cold!
  2. Park your car on flat ground, to allow the oil to easily flow out.
  3. Place an oil pan under your car.
  4. Unscrew the oil drain plug from your car. This will cause the oil to drain. With the Femco drainage system, the oil is disposed of in an environmentally friendly and fast way.
  5. Unscrew the oil filters.
  6. Screw the oil filter and drain plug back on. 
  7. Refill with new oil, but don’t add all the oil at once. Check the oil level with the oil dipstick and add oil when needed. Check your oil again if necessary. 

And so you’ve easily changed your oil yourself! Replacing the oil of your car is super easy with Femco’s oil drain plug.

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Femco® is the correct website if you’re looking for an oil drain plug that will allow you to drain the oil of your car in an environmentally friendly way. This allows you to remove the oil quickly and cleanly. Changing your car’s oil regularly ensures that your car drives as it should and helps with the lifespan of your car. Do you want to know more about Femco®’s oil drain plug or how to changing oil is so much easier with our technology? Then contact us, we will gladly answer your questions. 

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