Quick Drain 6180010007 3/4″-16-UNF-T10


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Hex:                                       27mm

Thread (D):                         3/4-16-UNF

T:                                            10mm

A:                                            46mm

B:                                            25mm

S:                                            2

The Quick Drain solution is a complete oil drain system that requires no tools or accessories after installation. You can simply push and twist the nozzle to begin draining oil! Additionally, it also has a built-in locking system. With this unique design and construction, you won’t risk accidental leakages and damage to your oil pan. This tool-less system allows you to perform oil changes on location and makes the process quick, clean and safe.

The Quick Drain is available in several different sizes and is the ideal solution for your vehicles, farming equipment and construction equipment. Furthermore, the solid brass construction ensures unmatched durability and quality. Therefore, Femco offers a limited lifetime warranty on all the Quick Drain plugs.

The Quick-Drain works without any additional drainer accessories or clickers.

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