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The Femco® oil drain plug


The Femco® drainage systems are the result of over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing oil drain plugs. Our systems enable technicians to change oil in an efficient, safe and more environmentally friendly way. We also continue to make our products even quicker and easier to use, and we listen carefully to the requirements and suggestions of customers. This gives you the certainty that you invest in the highest quality drainage systems. Using the Femco® oil drain plug makes routine oil changes a piece of cake. Besides this they also contribute to a safe and sustainable working environment.

Oil Drain Plug | Oil Drain Valve | Femco® Draintechnology


The Femco® oil drain plugs are made from solid brass. This high-quality metal is heat resistant and makes sure you can safely change hot oil*.

Oil Drain Plug | Oil Drain Valve | Femco® Draintechnology

Environmentally friendly

The Femco oil drain plugs prevent spillages and allow you to change the oil of your vehicles in a clean and sustainable way.

Oil Drain Plug | Oil Drain Valve | Femco® Draintechnology


The Femco® oil drain plugs help you to perform a quick and easy oil change whilst reducing downtime significantly.

Femco® supplies a unique range of oil drain plugs, each of them focused on several applications. Our assortment can be divided into four product groups: Standard, XL, Compact and Click Drain.

Standard oil drain plug

In 1983 Femco® introduced the Standard plug to make routine oil changes a quick, clean and more environmentally friendly job. The Standard plug is manufactured out of 100% brass, which makes it easy to change hot oil*. Additionally, the oil drain plug features a dust cover and a double O-ring, which protects the plug and ensures reliable performance.

Compact oil drain plug

The Compact Drain is the smallest oil drain plug we produce and is the perfect choice for oil changes in tight spaces. The Compact plug only extends 12 millimetres from the sump/oil pan. This makes it especially suitable for vehicles with a low ground clearance, such as cars, buses and motorcycles. Therefore, you can install the Compact plug on any vehicle without worrying about the available space.

Click Drain plug

The Click Drain is the quickest solution for maintenance of your vehicles and machines. The Click Drain oil drain system consists of an oil drain plug and a clicker. When it is time for an oil change you simply click the Clicker onto the oil drain plug to start draining the oil. To accelerate the drainage process even further, you can also use the Click Drain in combination with the Femco® Mobile Service Units.

XL oil drain plug

The XL is the biggest oil drain plug we produce and is the ideal solution for vehicles and machines with a large oil capacity. Our XL oil drain plug has an optimised flow and is specially designed to drain large volumes of oil in a short amount of time. Therefore, the XL is the ideal solution for heavy equipment such as trucks and mining equipment. To service fleets of large vehicles Femco® has also introduced the XL Click Drain. This quick-coupling system combines the advantages of the XL and the Click Drain plugs. Therefore, the XL Click Drain is the most effective solution for fleets of heavy equipment and trains.

*CAUTION, While Femco oil drain plugs allow you to change hot oil, the oil will still be hot.