Non-Drip Clicker

The Non-drip Clicker works perfectly with the Non-Drip Plug. This systems ensures that the draining and refilling process (using an EVAC unit) is entirely environmentally friendly, leaving no excess residue. This will ensure a more efficient, safe and productive workplace. Due to its robust brass construction, it is suitable for changing oils & fluids at high temperatures.
This single plug and clicker is available in numerous different sizes and is designed to be used together with any type of EVAC Unit.



Why Femco?
  • 35 years of experience
  • Largest product range
  • 600+ plug drain sizes
  • Famous in America


Having a system that allows you to drain and fill without any leftover residue is truly a game changer.  Femco proudly presents the latest innovation in draintechnology; Non-drip. This system can guarantee that no excess fluid will leak after draining and filling. The Non-drip solution consists of an oil drain plug and a clicker made of brass and premium materials to ensure quality and durability. 


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