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Drain up to 100 litres per minute with the Femco® Mobile Pump

Femco® Draintechnology has developed a wide range of Mobile Pumps to drain oil in the field. Our product range consists of three mobile pumps the MP30, the MP50 and the MP100. These Mobile Pumps have operating capacity’s ranging from 30 to 100 litres per minute, and are the fastest solution for an oil change. Every mobile Pump is fitted with a Femco® oil drain plug one on each side. When the pump is not in use, these plugs are sealed and prevent oil from leaking out of the pump. When the oil pump is in use the Femco® plugs allow you to quickly and easily connect the hose between your equipment on one side and your oil storage on the other.

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Easy to operate in every condition

The oil pump MP100 is easy to transport and easy to set up. The Femco® oil drain plugs and quick connect drainers will prevent oil from being spilled. The MP100 is available as a 220v unit or air pump operated, depending on what facilities you have available on site. Hoses are available in any required length. The oil pump MP100 can be operated within the storage box to protect it from dirt, rain and other contamination. After experiencing the MP100 as a time saving solution for your oil drainage you will be able to easily integrate the MP100 into a MSU250M system to take the process to the next level.

Unique Selling Points (USPS):

  • Operating capacity of 100 litres per minute

  • Equipped with Femco® oil drain plugs on each side

  • The MP100 is available as a 220v unit or air pump operated

  • Provided with a storage box


  • Operational Capacity:Ranging from 30 to 100 litres per minute*

  • Housing:Aluminium

  • Pressure ratio:1:1

  • Air pressure operating range:3 to 7 bar

  • Weight: 7.5 Kilo

* = (The drainage speed of the mobile pumps was tested using water at room temperature, the drainage speed can differ when draining other fluids)

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