Femco plugs provide easier oil change Caterpillar

Oil drain plug for Caterpillar, much faster oil change!​​​

Caterpillar vehicles and machines are widely used in all industrial sectors worldwide.
For articulated trucks, dozers or any other Caterpillar vehicles, it is essential that maintenance is performed safely and quickly. Changing the oil is a part of the maintenance that must be done regularly. Femco can speed up this part with the oil drain plug for Caterpillar!

Why should you choose Femco plugs?

  • Femco’s oil drain plugs replace the current plugs on Caterpillar engines. The Femco plug is made so that there is no oil leakage during the oil change. This ensures a cleaner workplace and more safety.
  • Oil can be drained either hot or cold. So there is no need to wait for the oil to cool down. This makes oil changes faster.
  • The oil change can be performed safely and quickly on site. Vehicles do not have to go all the way to the workshop and this saves a lot of time. 
  • Femco’s oil drain plugs have a lifetime warranty!

We recommend the click drain plugs for the Caterpillar!

Click Drain plug for engines

Step 1: Remove the cap of the Femco plug
Step 2: Connects the Femco coupling to the femco plug
Step 3: The valve in the plug opens and the oil is drained.

The click drain is the fastest way to drain oil. 
The Femco plug and coupling can be used in combination with an EVAC unit. This combination ensures that the oil is vacuumed out within a few seconds.
The EVAC unit with the Femco coupling attached can be taken to a Caterpillar vehicle. The coupling can be quickly clicked onto the plug and the oil emptied within seconds. The oil change can take place anywhere and it is possible to move quickly from vehicle to vehicle.

Femco contributes to the maintenance of the engine with the best oil drain plug for Caterpillar. By providing the right oil drain plug, the process of changing oil can be done better. Using the right material ensures that Femco’s plugs are strong and safe.
Changing the oil has become easier, safer and faster with the Femco plugs for over 30 years.