Femco Draintechnology installs 186 solar panels

Making Femco's office and factory more sustainable

Femco begins the year of 2023 with the installation of 186 new solar panels on the roof of both its office and factory in the Netherlands. The decision to purchase solar panels was a sustainable investment in the company and the environment. Femco manufactures and produces our products in our own factory. This requires a lot of energy. Femco has made the choice to have the entire roof covered with solar panels to ensure a large part of Femco’s electricity is supplied by green power.

Femco sustainable solar panels

Femco tries to be a sustainable business in several ways. Femco’s products allow for the draining of oil in a controlled and environmentally risk free way. Because of our products, less oil is wasted and spilled during routine maintenance.
Now the products known for contributing to a cleaner process of vehicle maintenance are cleanly and sustainably manufactured as well.