Femco Drain System (FDS) 30

FDS 30 is a fully contained mobile cart system that holds 30 gallons of fluids and can be taken to the equipment, connected directly to the installed Femco® drain plug, and vacuum used oil from the engine in a completely
enclosed mess-free process. Once used oil is contained in the OES, the cart can be easily moved to a larger used oil disposal tank to be emptied.


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Why Femco?
  • 35 years of experience
  • Largest product range
  • 600+ plug drain sizes
  • Famous in America


Femco Drain Systems allow you to evacuate fluids far quicker than standard fluid change processes. This FDS unit hold 30 gallons and has several benfits:

Portability – FDS units can easily be pushed or pulled, depending on
the size, to access equipment in tight, crowded or inconvenient spaces.
Safety & Efficiency – FDS units utilize a vacuum fill method, allowing
you to drain the oil faster and the enclosed clean system reduces the
chance of messy and costly oil spills.
Save on Storage – Eliminate the need for costly overhead and
centralized lube systems for your multi-boy shop. Rely on the FDS unit to
handle the task of used transfer and new oil transfer.



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