Compact LB 7090020203 M24x1.5-T12


  • Low-profile plug – No risk of knocking the plug off the oil pan
  • No tools – After installation, no tools are required to drain oil
  • Drain Hot Oil – Reducing maintenance downtime
  • Clean – No need to get your hands dirty
  • Environment – Keep a clean workplace

Works with compact LB drainer:
Straight compact drainer 750005
90° compact drainer 750033

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Hex:                                       30mm

Thread (D):                         M24x1.5

T:                                            12mm

A:                                            12mm

B:                                            28mm

S:                                            2mm

The Compact plug is a low-profile drain plug that is ideal for draining oil in tight spaces. Due to its low-profile, it is a solution that ensures the plug cannot get knocked off the oil pan when driving on rough terrain, making it perfect for off-roading or racing.

This plug comes with a dust-cap with an inserted O-ring, ensuring a durable and reliable experience. Furthermore, this solid brass oil drain plug uses a brass drain to open the plug’s valve and allow the oil to flow from the oil pan. Thanks to its design and construction, you are able to drain oil and fluids at engine temperature, saving maintenance downtime and increasing safety in the workshop. In addition to this, the durability and quality of the system allows Femco to offer its customers a limited lifetime warranty on the original oil drain plugs.

A “Compact Drainer” is needed to drain the oil from your oil pan.


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