Click Drain LB 8080020501 3/8″-19-BSP-T10


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Hex:                                       30mm

Thread (D):                         3/8”-19-BSP

T:                                            10mm

A:                                            32mm

B:                                            30mm

S:                                            2mm

The iconic Click Drain Series allows maintenance technicians to reduce maintenance downtime by making oil changes 8x faster! Furthermore, the brass construction allows oil to be changed while hot or cold.

The Click Drain oil drain system consists of an oil drain plug and a clicker. When it is time for an oil change you simply click the Clicker onto the oil drain plug to start draining the oil. This system works best with an evacuation unit. The rapid vacuum system will drain the oil out even faster and can save you valuable time on vehicle maintenance.

The click system is used by companies that service large fleets. The types of vehicles vary from heavy duty trucks to the smallest vehicle category. Additionally, the click drain series are not only used to service vehicles but are also used to service equipment quickly and efficiently.

The Click Drain system consists of a plug and a clicker (Clicker sold separately).

The click drain plugs are made of solid brass and like all Femco oil drain plugs, have a limited lifetime warranty.

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