35 years of experience

The original

When you think of traditional Dutch products, you might think of liquorice – whether you like it or not -, cheese and ‘stroopwafels’. If you’re good at trivia, you might even know the Dutch invented the Senseo, speed cameras and even gin! But did you also know that Femco, your trusted partner for oil drain systems, is also Dutch? Femco might have an office in the United States and sell worldwide, but every product is still developed and produced in the town of Mijdrecht. 

A bit of history

The story of Femco began more than 30 years ago, long before we were the global leader in oil drain plugs. Our story started with a frustrated car salesman from Rotterdam. He wanted to develop a way of draining oil that was faster, cleaner and safer. His name was Poul van Santen. Poul and his family set to work at the kitchen table and developed the very first version of our Femco® oil drain plug

The years have passed and our products have been optimised over and over, but the vision of Poul van Santen has remained: all Femco products make oil drainage fast, clean and safe. 

Femco’s growth

Femco has been growing exponentially over the years. After working at the kitchen table, the factory in Rotterdam followed and Femco can currently be found in Mijdrecht. By the way, did you know that the Femco® oil drain systems are currently being exported to more than 50 countries? Our oil drain plugs, mobile service units and other products are used in the transport, agriculture and energy sectors, among others. 

Femco listens to the demands of the market

One of the reasons why our oil drain plugs have become so popular worldwide, is because Femco as a brand does not stand still. We’ve been responding to the demands of the international market for years. Even a revolutionary system has to keep up with the times! Femco strives to develop products that meet the demands of the market. For this reason, you can find more than 500 different thread variations in our range. This allows you to easily drain oil from any vehicle, machine or hydraulic system. 

Choosing Femco … 

Is not only opting for the best quality oil drain systems on the market, but is also opting for real Dutch technology. 

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