Concrete Equipment – Improvement Maintenance with Femco

Femco Concrete Equipment

Femco® is the ultimate solution for accelerating and enhancing service on your concrete equipment and trucks. An on-site oil change within seconds, and back to work immediately? That’s achievable with Femco® Draintechnology’s oil drain plugs. Construction and Demolition In Construction and Demolition projects, the use of both small and large equipment is crucial. Meeting deadlines […]

Fluid draining with Femco

Femco can speed up fluid drain time up to 8x. Fluid drainage plays a crucial role in maintaining vehicles and machinery. However, the traditional process can be time-consuming and messy, leaving hands and workshop floors covered in dirty fluids. At Femco, we provide OEM spec oil drain valves that revolutionize the oil change process with […]

Femco Draintechnology installs 186 solar panels

Making Femco’s office and factory more sustainable Femco begins the year of 2023 with the installation of 186 new solar panels on the roof of both its office and factory in the Netherlands. The decision to purchase solar panels was a sustainable investment in the company and the environment. Femco manufactures and produces our products […]

Oil Drain Plugs for John Deere

John Deere Oil Drain Plug

Faster and safer oil change for John Deere equipment! Performing frequent and proper maintenance on John Deere equipment ensures a long and reliable service life. An important part of maintenance is changing the oil regularly. Thanks to Femco’s innovations in drain plug technology, changing oil is much faster and cleaner than ever before. John Deere Oil […]