Aluminum Oil Plug for Paccar Mx13 Engine

With the recent development of weight-efficient engines, composite oil pans have become increasingly popular. However, the factory composite plug has proven to be a temporary solution. So, Femco designed a special drain plug for the Paccar MX13 and MX11.

Femco, the original oil drain valve manufacturer, now proudly offers customers a permanent solution: The aluminum plug for the paccar composite oil pan.

With its OEM fit, its aviation-grade aluminum construction, and EVAC compatibility, this drain plug will increase efficiency and save costs on re-ordering temporary composite plugs.

Necessary Maintenance

The C.O.P plug is the perfect solution to the issue of having broken and worn out composite drain plugs. It is a perfect remedy for having to re-order plugs that are only temporary. This plug is made of aviation-grade aluminum and has a click on and off system that will work excellent with our nozzles from our click series. This powerful combination (together with an EVAC unit) will dramatically reduce maintenance downtime and save costs. If you own a Paccar MX13 or MX11, you can change your oil much easier and faster.

Femco drain technology always ensures that oil changes are efficient and environmentally friendly. By mitigating excess oil from spilling, service maintenance technicians will work in a safer and healthier environment. In addition to durability and weight-saving, the aviation-grade aluminum construction allows maintenance teams to drain oil at extreme temperatures. Femco is pleased that it is able to remain a key player in the market and looks forward to helping customers raise efficiency and mitigate maintenance downtime.