Double Clicker Coupling

If you’re using an EVAC Unit, you have to be able to rely on trustworthy couplings that won’t leak, break or disconnect unintentionally. 

double clicker closed

Femco has developed a coupling that is built for heavy duty operations, making it durable and easy to use. 

The Femco coupling easily clicks onto the oil drain plugs and immediately begins draining, that is why Femco dubs this coupling the “Clicker”. Simultaneously, there is an internal valve that opens to let oil begin draining. 

double clicker 3
double clicker 2

This valve closes when the clicker is detached. This allows EVAC units to maintain their pressure when the clicker is not being used and the valve is closed. It also means there is less oil being spilled onto the workshop floor when the coupling isn’t being used. 

The excess oil in the hose cannot drip its way through the hose as it is closed off by the internal valve in the double clicker.

double clicker oil in hose

How it works: Double Clicker + EVAC Unit

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