EV Maintenance Improvement

Ev maintenance improvement

Revolutionizing Fluid Drainage with Femco Drain Technology In every industry, there’s a growing imperative to reduce emissions and embrace environmentally friendly alternatives. The rapid movement towards a zero emission future has propelled electric vehicles (EVs) to a prominent position across virtually every sector. However, this growth presents a new challenge: the safe, efficient, and effective […]

Stainless Steel Drain Plug for Fuel Tank

Stainless steel drain plug Femco

Available at Femco®: Stainless Steel Drain Plugs for Fuel Tanks Femco is proud to announce our latest innovation in drain technology. In collaboration with our customers in heavy equipment, we’ve developed fuel tank drain valve for Caterpillar Haul Trucks and Wheel Loaders. This drain valves allows for maintenance technicians to easily drain water condensation that […]