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XL Click Drain

We are proud to announce the Femco® XL Click Drain and the XL Clicker. This oil drainage system combines the advantages of the XL and the Click Drain plugs, and is designed to drain large volumes of oil in a short period of time. The flow rate of the plug is optimised, and is therefore the most effective solution for fleets of vehicles with a large oil storage. Besides of this the XL Click Drain is provided with a dust cap which seals the Clicker completely.

Fleet management with the XL Click Drain

The XL Click Drain plug is the most effective solution for fleet management. The Clicker can easily be attached to the oil drain plug and enables you to work efficiently. Besides of this they can also be used in combination with a Femco® oil extractor pump. This accelerates the drainage process even further and shortens the maintenance period exponentially. Please contact us for further information and placing your first orders.

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