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Femco® Drain Technology supplies a wide range of oil drain systems. Our objective is to develop an oil drainage system for every application, to help change oil efficiently, safely and reducing the risk of pollution, worldwide. To supplement our range of oil drain plugs we have developed numerous accessories and drainers. These enable you to carry out oil changes quickly, easily and without spillages, in any setting.


Femco® has a wide range of drainers for the changing of oil in a quick and clean way. Femco® has developed these drainers to ensure that the flow rate of the oil is optimised. The drainers ensure that you can change oil quickly and cleanly in any situation. We offer every oil drain plug drainer in a range of sizes to suit your requirements. For example, we offer small drainers for where space is limited and large drainers to optimize the through flow.

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Sample nippels

Femco® has developed several oil-sampling nipples, which make it easy to drain small amounts of oil to analyse. Before you decide to change the oil, it can be helpful to test the viscosity level of the oil. When you regularly test the oil, you can quickly decide if the oil needs to be changed. This makes sure you can optimize the oil usage of your vehicles, saving you money and reducing the environmental impact. All you need to do is attach the sampling nipple to the drain plug and start testing the viscosity level.


All our oil drain plugs are provided with a dust cap to protect the plug from dust and mud. All dust covers feature an O-ring to prevent the ingress of dust between the thread and the cover. This ensures you can always easily remove the dust cover and drain the oil. Dust covers can be fitted with a chain to secure the dust cover too the oil drain plug, avoiding the chances of loss.


To drain the oil of your vehicles in a fast and clean way we provide every oil drainer with a drain hose. With the use of a drain hose the oil flows through a sealed system into the waste oil container or suction unit. All our drain hoses are available in various lengths and sizes. This makes sure there is always a drain hose for your application.


For our Femco® Click Drain plug we have developed various clickers to fit any vehicle and machine. The clickers for the Femco® Click Drain plug ensure that you can change the oil from multiple vehicles in a fast and easy way. You can simply click the Clicker to your oil drain plug to start changing the oil. The Femco® Click Drain plug is easily combined with a Mobile Service Unit. This allows you to drain and change the oil even faster. Our clickers come in many shapes and sizes and we can provide you with a clicker for every application. The Clicker is the perfect solution when you work with multiple vehicles.