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Draining system for industrial machinery

Femco® produces drainage systems for machines, including industrial machines. Draining or changing liquids and oil is a simple job with our drain plugs. We have a drain plug for large and small industrial machines that fits perfectly. Our high-quality drain plugs are suitable for daily use and have a long service life.

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The drain plug for daily use

Do you use industrial machines? Then it is important to carry out regular maintenance for a long lifespan without defects. Maintenance can be expensive, which is why some organizations postpone maintenance as a result. Femco® wants to prevent this. Our innovative drain technology shortens the time of maintenance jobs such as changing engine oil, replacing coolant and checking brake fluid for quality. Drain technology from Femco® makes it possible to complete machine maintenance in a shorter time frame.

Draining quick and environmentally friendly

The industrial sector is subject to increasingly strict environmental legislation and rising fuel costs. Because our drain plugs fit perfectly, waste is prevented, which in turn leads to reduced costs. In addition, our industrial drain plugs also prevent leakage when used correctly. This saves you cleaning costs / environmental costs. By correctly replacing oil and liquids, an industrial machine does not only run better, it also uses less fuel. Of course, proper, correct and timely maintenance also ensures that your machines are less likely to break down due to defects. By reducing waste, the Femco® drain plugs are environmentally friendly and reduce labor costs.

The drain plug assortment from Femco

Do you want to buy drain plugs for industrial machines? Thanks to our innovative drain technology, our products are used worldwide. In our Femco® webshop you will find our complete collection of drainage systems. For each product you will find product information and the corresponding dimensions of the industry drain plug. We produce and supply drain plugs for cars, energy machines, earthmoving machines and more.

Do you have questions about our drain plug for industrial machines? Take a look at our frequently asked questions or contact us. We are more than happy to help you with all your questions and comments about our industrial drain technology.

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