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Drainage system for the energy sector

Femco® produces drainage systems for the energy sector, including windmills, aggregates and power plants. Draining fluids and oil is an easy task with the drain plugs of Femco® drain technology. Our oil drain plug is installed once, making a damaged screw thread a thing of the past. Even with frequent use of our high-quality drain plugs, our Femco® products have a long service life. Internationally, our drain technology is used for regular maintenance in the energy sector.

Showing some examples

The drain plug for daily use

For organizations it is important that energy machines work well and for a long time. Regular maintenance is the key to success. Do your energy machines work for many hours every day? Then you are probably also spending a lot of money on labor costs for maintenance. Femco® drain plugs make part of the maintenance fast, simple and environmentally friendly. Do you want to test the oil or change engine oil? With the tap systems from Femco® these are simple jobs. A Femco® drain plug, drain, collection tank and new liquid or oil is all you need. The drain plug for the energy sector saves you time and money.

Not only time efficient, but also environmentally friendly

The energy industry is an industry of rapid innovation. This must also be compatible with the ever-changing environmental legislation and the environment. Femco® responds to this by making maintenance of energy machines quick, simple and environmentally friendly. Correctly changing liquids and oil creates an energy machine that works better. By combating waste and leakage, the drain plugs for energy machines are environmentally friendly. And due to the fast process, labor costs for maintenance will be less than before.

Do you want to buy drain plugs for machines in the energy sector? In our Femco® webshop you will find a wide collection of drain plugs for the energy industry. With each drain plug there is an explanation with more product information and the corresponding dimensions. This allows you to buy the perfect drain plug for every energy machine.

Femco® produces and supplies drainage systems for cars, agricultural machinery, earthmoving machines and more. Do you have questions about our drainage for transport machines? Take a look at our frequently asked questions or contact us. We are more than happy to help you with all your questions about our energy sector drain technology.

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