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Draining system for agricultural machinery
Femco® produces tapping systems for agricultural machines. Tractors, harvesters, grassland handlers, subsoilers, milking machines and sowing machines run smooth and well with regular maintenance. Use our drain technology systems for agricultural machinery. With the drain plugs, draining liquids and oil is an easy task. Our oil drain plugs for agricultural machines are installed at once, which prevents a damaged screw thread and leakage. Even with frequent use, our high-quality drain plugs for agricultural machines have a long service life.

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The agricultural machine drain plug for daily use
Organizations and individuals must be able to rely on their agricultural machinery. Regular maintenance is the key to great working agricultural machinery. Are your machines put to use daily or do you lend your machines to external parties? Then you want to check your agricultural machines often, without it having to hours of maintenance and labor every time.

Femco® drain plugs for agricultural machinery help with this. Changing oil, testing engine oil and other fluids is easy with our drain technology. Machine maintenance is an easy task due to the Femco® drain plugs. Just grab your drain plug, oil collection container and on to the next maintenance job. The drain plug for agricultural machinery is of high quality, we supply these drainage systems internationally.

Easy drainage and also environmentally friendly
Agriculture is a difficult industry, subject to environmental legislation and high costs. Femco® therefore wants to ensure that machines are as reliable as possible, by making maintenance as easy as possible. Change engine oil or change coolant? With our drain plugs it’s a quick, easy and environmentally friendly task before sending your agricultural machines back onto the land.

An agricultural machine drives better and uses less fuel if you change oil / liquids correctly and on time. Your agricultural machine does not only perform better, it also prevents bad luck.
Due to the fast drain process, labor costs are reduced. It is therefore no surprise that international organizations use our oil drainage systems for agricultural machinery.

The drain plug assortment from Femco
Do you want to buy oil drain plugs for agricultural machinery, such as seed drills and subsoilers? In our Femco® webshop you will find all drain plugs for agricultural machinery. For each product you will find product information and the corresponding dimensions for your agricultural machine. We produce and supply drain plugs for cars, energy machines, earthmoving machines and more. Do you have questions about our drainage system? Take a look at our frequently asked questions or contact us. We are more than happy to help you with all your questions and comments about our agricultural machine drain technology.

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