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The Femco® Drain Systems (FDS)

Femco USA has introduced a large number of drain systems with which you can change the oil of your vehicles and machines on location. In the transport world, everything revolves around maximum use of transport means. Thanks to Femco® Drain Systems, you can minimize equipment downtime during minor maintenance. The Drain Systems therefore allow users to change large amounts of oil in a short time. All FDS are equipped with Femco® oil drain plugs and help you to create an efficient, safe and sustainable working environment. By choosing Femco you benefit from oil draining systems that are reliable and of the highest quality.

Femco® has developed a unique range of Drain Systems for every application. Our Mobile Service units have different sizes and are available with contents ranging from 100 liters to 400 liters. In addition, Femco® can also make custom units. Whether you want your FDS to be equipped with a compressor, a generator or with reels, the Femco Drain System is made to your wishes.

The Femco Drain System is a fully contained mobile cart system that can be taken to the equipment, connected directly to the installed Femco® drain plug, and vacuum used oil from the engine in a completely enclosed mess-free process.
Once used oil is contained in the OES, the cart can be easily moved to a larger used oil disposal tank to be emptied.
Femco® Drain Solutions offers 4 different OES models ranging from 30 gallon tanks to 1 20 gallon tanks for used product, and one that has the capability of handling new and used product.


- FDS units can easily be pushed or pulled, depending on the size, to access equipment in tight, crowded or inconvenient spaces.

Safety & Efficiency

- FDS units utilize a vacuum fill method, allowing you to drain the oil faster and the enclosed clean system reduces the chance of messy and costly oil spills.

Save on Storage

- Eliminate the need for costly overhead and
centralized lube systems for your multi-boy shop. Rely on the FDS unit to handle the task of used transfer and new oil transfer.

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